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Made in the USA

Made in the USA
Ultra Compact Obsessions

Ultra Compact Obsessions (UC)

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Random quote

  • "The thrill of actually seeing detail had me so excited I was running all over the sky, as rapidly as a 6 year-old to a Christmas tree. I could see so much good stuff!"
    Rick Angell Golden CO. 18" owner
  • "this instrument oozes class and quality"
    David D 15" owner in Perth Australia
  • "wouldn't trade it for anything in the world"
    Dale R. 20" owner in Napa Valley California
  • "I kick myself for not getting this earlier"
    Justin T 20" owner in Leicestershire England
  • "I am absolutely thrilled with the telescope - couldn't be happier"
    Rex C 18" owner in Midwest City Oklahoma
  • "Wow, it really is spectacular: easy to transport, easy to set up, easy to use"
    Jerry G 12.5" owner in Sunnyvale California
  • "Both our scopes both outperformed a 7" APO"
    John and Vicki S., 12.5" and 15" owners in Centerpoint, Indiana
  • "This scope is good, REALLY GOOD!! I will keep this scope and give it to my children."
    Bob Z 15” owner
  • "100 times better than my 12" SCT, I should of bought one of these years ago."
    Chris M 30” owner
  • "I could stare at it all night. M13 really popped looking very 3-D."
    Rick S 18” owner
  • "Stop thinking about it! Do it! Do it NOW! It will be the best decision you will ever make!"
    KD W 18” owner
  • "Will I be disappointed yet again?
    Well, now I know - absolutely not!
    No doubt about it - this is the scope of a lifetime."
    Andrew P 18” owner
  • "I better duck tape my socks to my legs!
    The 3-D effect of Saturn was fantastic."
    George V 15” owner
  • "Man, do I love that 15" scope - it's easy to use and it's a real workhorse!"
    Gary G 15” owner
  • "Galaxies spilling out of the eyepiece. I will never forget the sight of the Fornax cluster of galaxies spilling out of the eyepiece at Okie-Tex!"
    Jim W 15” owner
  • "I spotted Deimos easily. I knew Phobos was at the other side, so I look to the W, ..., and there it was!!! It was better than my wildest dreams. When I first thought of buying an Obsession Telescope I knew it was the best telescope I could purchase, but now I think it is even better than I imagined."
    Ernesto G 18 owner in Spain
  • "I LUV my Obsession. I have an Obsession 12.5" and the Argo Navis, and all I can say is wow! The scope is a breeze to move, set up and take down. I LUV my Obsession."
    Paul J 12.5 owner
  • "I did get the best look at the Veil I've ever had through ANY scope. The detail through my 12.5 Obsession was awesome."
    Jim H.
  • "I have truly been bowled over by the planetary views on those nights where the seeing is good."
    Allen D 20” owner
  • "I keep walking away from this scope completely astounded."
    Harlan 20” owner
  • "Without a doubt, the best money I have ever spent!"
    Doug F 20” owner
  • "Just completed my first night of observing with the 20”. WOW! this is visual astronomy!"
    Brian H. 20” owner
  • "I LOVE it, because it FITS ME. I'm 6'5" so I don't even need a ladder."
    Kyle B. 18” owner
  • "I never dreamed that I would own such a work of art."
    David P. 15” owner
  • "One thing I know for sure: The best views at Starfest of Mars was through my Obsession."
    Jeff B. 18” owner
  • "The Most Killer Views Of Deep Sky Objects I Have Ever Seen!"
    Mark K 20” owner
  • "After 200+ observing sessions with this scope, I still love the views!"
    Vance P 20” owner and comet discoverer
  • "Now I know what "pinpoint" star images are. And Mars, holy moly! I didn't know what I had been missing over the past years."
    Brian F 15” owner
  • "An absolute stunner! The Obsession/AN-ServoCAT is so easy use. And the views with the 31mm Nagler you really get the impression you are falling into the sky!"
    Roberto G. 15” owner

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