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M8 Javier Beltran Jovani

SKETCH by Rick Angell at Okie-Tex star party 2016 - Vail nebulae by 52 Cyngni

M8 Javier Beltran Jovani

Hi Dave,
I just had to share this picture of my 3 1/2 year old son Rigel at his very first star party tonight with our 18" Obsession Classic at C.M. Crockett park in Virginia. He helped to set it up and enjoyed a couple of DSO's before heading to bed in our car with his red flashlight. The scope performed beautifully, as always, and there must have been a hundred people that came by to observe with it this evening. Uranus was especially good, presenting a beautiful blue disk and 2 moons at 400x on a background of pinpoint stars.

Thanks again for a great scope!

- Craig Anderson, Herndon, Virginia

M8 Javier Beltran Jovani

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